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This is a service page going along with the book Hiking on St. Eustatius. The trail descriptions in this book Hiking on St. Eustatius, are mapped. To follow these routes, gpx-files (GPS Exchange Format), can be downloaded and used on a GPS device, smartphone, or tablet. You als can find an instructions for downloading gpx-files


1: Big Stone and Little Round Hill

2: Trail around the airport

3: Red cross trail

a. Trail to Venusbaai

b. Trail to entrance terminal

4: Airport-Zeelandia Beach trail

5: Gum tree trail short

6: Gum tree trail long

7: Corre Corre trail

8: Botanical Garden-White Wall trail

9: Behind- and Around The Mountain trail

a. Behind- en Around the mountain trail

b. Behind- en Around the mountain trail (faster way back on paved road)

10: Oranje Bay in-and-out

a. Oranjebaai – Waterfort

b. Oranjebaai – Crooks Castle

11: Corre Corre-Zeelandia trail

Quill National Park

12: The Crater rim of the volcano

a. The Crater rim of the volcano

b. The Crater rim and Panorama Point

13: Inside the crater, Panorama Point and Mazinga

14: Around The Mountain trail

15: Historical Trail

The “Hills” in Boven National Park

16: Signal Hill

17: Gilboa Hill

18: To Boven via Northern point

19: Venus Bay and Jenkins Bay

20: Tidal Pool

21: Bergje

22: Loop around Bergje

Instructions for downloading gpx-files

  1. The GPS files are located on the page labeled “GPS files”. Gpx-files is a GPS Exchange format for GPS-devices.
  2. Right-click one of the gpx-files and choose the option “save as”. The file will be downloaded to your computer.
  3. Send this gpx-file from your computer to your GPS-device, smartphone, or tablet.
  4. GPS-devices differ. Read the instruction manual for your GPS-device about how to install gpx-files.
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